How To Save Money When Moving

Backloading can save you money on any size interstate move, no matter where you are moving to and from. Know what you want to backload already then please follow this
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Back load your house between capital cities using a Queensland based removals company.

Where do you provide your specialised removalists services?

Although we are based out of the Gold coast, which is where we provide the most of our local work. We assist in providing a relocation solution for customers across Aus.

We are able to transport any move large or small to any major city such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney. We also transport goods to other areas such as Mackay, Newcastle, Wollongong, Albury, Alice Springs, Port Hedland, Bunbury and many more.

We focus our efforts on saving our customers money with our heavily discounted rates. If you are looking to save yourself on the cost to remove your goods then all you need to do is secure yourself a great quote.

What else do you provide as a backloading company?

Whilst backloads and moving people interstate are some companies only objective. We also provide car transport to our customers. When you combine booking your car with us and loading furniture on our backload service you can often look at saving yourself hundreds or thousands.

We also have storage space available in every major city across Australia, with us you get the full package regardless of if you're in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, NT, TAS or the ACT.

What exactly is a backload?

Backloading is a term coined by removalists for the smaller jobs. Primarily removalists aim for large jobs, as the fewest spots we need to move between to pickup and drop off everything, the easier our life is.

However, if the truck isn't full, we'll book in a couple backloads onto the truck. If you've only got a handful of items to move interstate then you're not going to need the whole removalist van, so are happy to share.

Whilst we provide this service across the country, it is incredibly popular throughout Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, due to their close proximity and the number of trucks running up and down at any point in time means we can always find space.

Tell us about other peoples backloading experiences.

Over the years of moving people interstate, we've heard endless stories, both good and bad.
We've heard dozens of stories about what happened coming up to the move, whilst the move was happening, and after.
The ones people have emailed to us we've kept, because they're often pretty interesting, or have helped give customers a bit more insight into what actually happens when moving. Moving interstate is hard, so the more you know the more you can do to prepare. Click here to see what other people have had happen along their journey.

How To Keep Costs Low When Moving Interstate?

Backloads are the simplest way to make more than a modest saving on removalist company charges. Backloaders never charge full price, but there are other ways to make savings. Read through our page on keeping prices down, and we can ensure you that you will be pleasantly surprised how cheap your move becomes. Fair priced removalists services