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Moving inventory

Moving Home, where to start?

We have several types of inventories, ones you can submit online
Please choose one from the list below, that best suits your needs.

All quotes are emailed to you and at the bottom of all quotes is the list of items that we will quote on.

This ensures you have a copy in case you need to re asses what is to be moved.

Household Move

This form is designed for complete household removals, for moves ranging from a one bedroom unit to a large household.

It lists almost every item you may have in your home, and has a special section for any items that are not covered by our inventory

Moving Quote


Already have a list prepared?

if you have a list of items that you want to simply copy / paste /send then this form is for you.

The first part of the form asks for some information about you and your move, then you can just paste a list of items to move and send it to us

Send us a list of items to move


Know Your Cubic Meterage?

If you are aware of the size of your removal (in cubic meters), and dont want to complete yet another inventory, then this form is for you.

Remember we need cubic meters which is the sum of the height x width x length of your storage shed, not square meters.

Get a quote based on cubic meters

Not Ready to complete and inventory, and just want an idea of moving costs?

If you are just starting to organise your furniture removal or are only thinking about moving, then we can provide an estimate of moving costs for you.

Please note that this will be in the format of between two figures, and whilst we are normally reasonably accurate, this estimate cannot be used to book your move, as we will require a complete list of furniture and boxes, prior to booking your furniture removal.

Please also be aware that we can only base our estimates on average conditions, and therefore if you state that you have a one bedroom unit, we will not know that you also have a garage full of furniture as well, so please choose the size of move carefully


Moving Estimate