How on earth do I know how many cartons I will need?,

How on earth do I know how many cartons I will need?,

Calculating how many boxes you may need.

This is one of the harder parts of calculating your quotation as unless
you have moved previously or are already packed and raring to go it can
be difficult to estimate exactly how many cartons or boxes you will need.

We have found that the best way to do this is to estimate your cartons
on a room to room basis, as opposed to attempting to make a ‘guestimate’
at the end.

By this we mean as you are walking around your home and listing your
furniture and belongings try to visualise contents of cupboards and loose
items in piles and then count how many piles you think there will be for
each room.

Whilst removal cartons are in our opinion the best way to transport your
belongings safely, we do not insist that these be used, but in terms of
your estimate please be sure to inform us if you are estimating removal
cartons or other size boxes as this will effect your quote.

A standard removal carton is the same size as the old wooden Tea chest,
which are approximately 435 x 410 x 600mm.

If you are still a little uneasy about estimating your carton needs,
when you come to complete your inventory, don’t enter any cartons and
we can estimate for you.

If you take this option please be sure to tell us that we need to estimate
cartons on your behalf otherwise we will calculate your quotation based
purely on what you have told us.

Please don’t worry if you feel you have made an error in your estimate of
cartons or boxes, as you get closer to your chosen ‘Moving Day’ you will
find that you will be better placed to either confirm or change the number
of cartons you have.

If the total only changes by one or two that is fine, but if the number
increases or decreases by more than 5 or 6 boxes please inform us as soon
as possible so we may adjust your quote accordingly.

This is especially important if the number increases as we will have to
ensure there is sufficient space on the truck for all your goods.

Once you have either estimate your carton needs or have decided to let
us do this for you.

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