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Backloading Melbourne to Brisbane

This spring, my wife and I decided for various reasons to move out of state. At that time, we were living in Brisbane. Neither of us were from Queensland, about five years earlier, my company offered a promotion in that area and I was the sucker who went for the bait.

Obviously, (if you detect a little sarcasm you are right on target) we were not happy in the area. We had moved there from Adelaide, which is somewhat different in both climate and social structure than Brisbane. Not to offend any of you from QLD, my wife and I just were not cut out for the area.

We stuck out like sore thumbs. Anyway, when the opportunity came for another transfer, we decided to jump on it.

We sold our house rather hastily, and purchased a new home from a for sale by owner seller in Melbourne. We came across the house online at a website specifically for houses for sale by owner.

After a few emails, digital photographs within a week we were on a plane, on our way to see it in person.

Getting a backload from Melbourne to Brisbane was not something we had considered

Needless to say, we were as impressed with the house in person as we had been online. It was a wonderful deal, a great location, and we gave a firm yes to the owner before we stepped back on a plane to return home. After all the necessary legal junk had been taken care of like contracts, escrow, and all that stuff, we were ready to move in a little over two months.

Because we were moving across such an extended distance, I decided that it would be best for us to rent a truck and take care of the actual moving of our furniture and stuff ourselves rather then trying to hire an interstate moving company. Besides, if we had used a moving company over such a long distance, it would have cost us a fortune, right? After calling around, I agreed with myself that selecting a removal company was just not economical.

So, we rented a truck. My wife and I worked diligently to pack and load each and every one of our things onto the truck. She was awesome. I swear, I don't know how she does it, but my wife could fit the state of Queensland into the ACT.

Anyway, I was feeling a little tired by the time we had everything loaded up so I decided that we would rent the truck for an additional day (we originally planned on renting the removal truck for only two days) and get a good nights rest to take off early the following morning.

Night came and went and as you can probably imagine, sleeping in a house with no furniture stinks. The next morning, still tired and a little grumpy we climbed into the truck and began our journey. Now I don't know about you all, but I had never driven a large-sized truck before.

We had intentionally chosen the largest truck the rental company had to offer so that we were sure we could fit all of our belongings into one trip.


Backloads Melbourne to Brisbane

Was backloading even an option?

Once we got on the road, I decided this was probably not the best decision we could have made. It was like trying to ride an elephant in the Derby. Two hours after we started out and about ten cups of coffee, my hands were beginning to turn white on the steering wheel. After noticing that I was obviously in need of a break, my wife suggested that we stopped for a late breakfast and quick bathroom break.

Once my eyeballs appeared to be safely positioned back into my eye sockets and we had eaten a very tense breakfast, we were on the road again. The two-hour break intervals continued for the next eight hundred kilometers. Originally, we had planned on driving in shifts so that we could conserve driving time and return the rented truck quicker. After my wife sat in the drivers seat for about twenty minutes moving every mirror on the inside and outside of the truck at least ten times, I decided that it was probably a good idea to rent a hotel room and try again myself in the morning.

The second day of driving turned out almost as successful as the first. Drive for two hours, find somewhere with coffee and bathrooms (and, depending on what time it was, maybe food).

Halfway into the second day, all my wife could do was complain. I drove too fast, I drove too slow, the air conditioner was too cold, I didn't put my blinker on. I was beginning to wonder if there were any good divorce lawyers in state of Victoria (JUST KIDDING).

I finally gave up and decided to find another semi-cheap hotel for the evening and to finish the ride up the next day. Bright and early, we went back to our routine two-hour breaks and constant bickering. We hit road construction right outside of Melbourne, we had already seen three wrecks.

We were spent. We pulled into our beautiful new empty home tired, cranky, and in immediate need of food and showers.

But we still had to unpack. And before we could unpack, we had to lower our car off the trailer that was hooked onto the back of the truck. The former owner stopped by, and out of sheer compassion, decided to help us unload. It was one-thirty that morning before we were finally finished, and we already had to pay for the additional days use of the truck, so again, we called it a night and fell onto our half-covered not-yet framed mattress..

The next afternoon, after almost ten hours of sleep, I awoke and immediately took the rented moving truck to the nearest drop-off location. After paying for the extra three days of truck rental fees, gas, hotel rooms, and food I decided that the ‘unreasonable amount that the professional home moving company had quoted was beginning to look more and more reasonable.

We didn't save any money! We would have saved over $150 if we had chosen to use a backload company instead of doing it ourselves. Not to mention the five days of complete misery. Ill never make that mistake again.