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Packing Up the Right Way with your Furniture Removal

Always keep in mind that if your not sure how to pack things up always ask the removals people, especially if the thing your about to pack requires special attention. They have much more experience in packing than we do so do not hesitate to ask.

When packing always clean your things before putting them in the cartons. There is nothing worse than unpacking dusty ornaments or stale smelling curtains. Having all things cleaned up means that your new house is fresh and clean from day one.

Let us get going with the packing and start with the most fragile things, glasses for instance. Glass tumblers should be wrapped one by one, first with a soft paper and then with normal paper. They should be stored and transported upright in a padded box.

One of the best things to do with glasses is not to be clumsy with them as they break easily. In addition, do not forget to put the fragile sign out in the box for additional precautions.

For Cookery wares, newspapers are usually, enough to protect them from damage. Wrap up your plates with individual papers and line them up on a padded box too. Newspaper is usually sufficient to protect your plates from damage.
Wrap up the individual pieces and then put them in a box that is lined with much more paper. Use tablecloths or towels to line boxes, which will pack with china or glass. You can also use children's soft toys as a padding material; it helps fill boxes without making them too heavy.

When storing heavy storage items, you should best minimize the weight of any item that you pack into them, particularly if you have many stairs to overcome.

When it comes to special valuables like your jewelries, this should be put into a small box and as much as possible handle the transfer yourself. Do not forget to check your little hideaways. If your are concerned about them why not rent a safety box for the duration of the move.
Silvers should be wrapped in an acid – free tissue paper, especially if they are going to get into storage.
This will stop them from tarnishing and color staining.
Check your local pawnshops for this kind of wrappings.

For your pets like your aquarium fishes have them into small plastic bags like the ones you get from the fish shop, filled with fish tank water. Do not use fresh water to transfer fishes.
Gently put those into a polystyrene box or a normal cardboard filled with newspaper will do. While on the road try to keep it stable and warm and be as quick as you possibly can. However, for journeys longer than four hours this thing is not advisable.

Regarding foodstuffs, they are best transported in your stomach.

Alternatively, all jars should be tightened before moving. Refrigerated food should stay together in a separate box, with meats wrapped in separate plastic bags.
Frozen food should either have been defrosted and eaten or put into deep freeze a few days before you move.
Only take this approach if you are sure your journey is short enough for the food not to defrost. Refreezing food that has defrosted can lead to food poisoning.

I hope this helps someone.

Best regards.

John P.
Melbourne/ Australia