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Priority Carton

Another great idea is to pack an Priority carton..

Items that you may consider to pack in this carton would be..

Leads for TV’s Stereos and computers

Nuts and bolts from any items that you or your removalist may have Dis-assembled.

Kettle, Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Mugs and Teaspoons ( For you and the removalist at delivery).

Small First Aid Kit for any unexpected emergencies.
(This should probably contain any regular medication your family needs, just in case.)

Any last minute items that are found under furniture etc as you clean up.

Once completed, ensure that your carton is well marked with “Priority” and notify the removalist on the day of your move.

Tell him this cartons holds the Kettle and coffee and this will ensure that your carton will be last on and first off when unloading the removal truck.