Moving Again

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The furniture removal inventory

The Inventory

OK you have printed off your inventory form, or you have decided to just
note everything down on a sheet of paper.

What is the next step ?.

We suggest you walk from room to room listing every item in your home
that you wish to transport.

This may seem like a daunting task but as long as you take it steadily
you will find you progress through quite quickly.

If possible do it with a partner and have them call out each item as
you go and you can note it down.

N.B This is a great time to decide which items, if any, you don’t wish
to transport.

Remember you pay for the space you take on the vehicle so don’t take
anything that you no longer have use for.

Also please consider your new home when preparing this inventory.

For example does your new home have built in wardrobes in which case do
you want to take your freestanding ones with you.

Whilst you are preparing your inventory try to bear in mind that we are
only able to quote on what you tell us, we have not seen what you have.

If you have any oversized items, such as large wall units or Americana
style fridges, please make sure that you note this down on your inventory.

Don’t forget any outdoor furniture and contents of any sheds or garages.