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Deciding what to keep and what to throw away when moving is one of the most challenging decisions especially when there is limited space at your new home which means you can't take everything.


Its natural to have a collection of things everywhere in the house from the basement to garage, attic and bedroom. Some of the things are essential to your life while others are dear to your heart and others you are just accustomed to seeing them around. Sometimes it is hard to let these things go but when they become a factor in your moving cost, it becomes a requirement to let go of the unnecessary.


The cost of moving interstate depends on the size of your things and the distance. Therefore, you must first understand the size of the things that you need to know what you must throw away. Decreasing the size enables you to lower your moving costs. The easiest way to address what you need to throw away during your interstate move should be addressed by first determining what is necessary to take to your new home.


In your packing, you should start with the essential things. These are things that you cannot live without or the ones that make your life comfortable. Once you have a must carry list for your move, the next stage is to find out what else is needing to be moved. There are two ways that you can effectively use to find out what other things you should carry as you move.


This is by determining how emotionally attached you are to the item and how much you use it. If the item in question is one of your favourite items, you should take it unless it is bulky or large and thus, more expensive to move. If you no longer use the item in question, you should not move it irrespective of the attachment.


At this point we recommend you start creating your inventory, so that you can keep track of what you are and are not taking. Complete an inventory quote with everything except what you already decided is not going. Then as time goes on, and you reach a verdict on more items, we can adjust it bit by bit until we have your final inventory list. You can get started by heading to our online quotation form here.


Now you need to start making decisions on what you're going to get rid of. You should start with the things that are broken, worn out or simply no longer useful to you and any other member of your family and thus, can be categorised as garbage.


The next category of things that you should not include as you move comprises things that are not broken or worn out but you no longer use them.You do not have to throw away these things; instead, you can sell them through eBay or any other website, or possible having a garage sale if you are getting rid of enough to warrant it, or give them away to friends, family or needy institutions.


The other category comprises things that have outlived their timeline such as expired paint, food and medications. Old newspapers and magazines belong to this category as they are bulky to move and thus, will likely affect the moving cost. The other category of things that you should not carry as you move is things that are heavy but cheap to buy. If you have any questions regarding the price it would cost to move a specific items, I recommend that you either give us a call, or send us a quick message via our contact form. Our staff will be able to give you a price guide on a specific piece of furniture which can help sway your mind in regards to what you want to do with it.

If the cost of moving the item is higher than the cost of buying the item, it does not make any sense to move it. Obviously, you should not leave behind your personal and financial documents and precious jewels and decorations.