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Access Issues For The Removalists


Access issues increase moving costs

If you live in a single level home, or all your goods are stored in a easily accessible garage or store room, you should expect to pay less than someone who lives in a 3 story walk up or a unit with a lift.

The reasoning behind this is it takes the removalists longer to load or unload your furniture, and wages need to be paid, hence the price is higher.

Whether you live on a busy street or a multi-story building, you should ensure that the furniture removalists have easy access to your home.

If possible, you should arrange with caretaker of the building or your neighbours to reserve a lift or extra parking space for the removal date.

Questions that need answers:

Are there any stairs?

If so how many flights?

Is there a lift?

Is there a walk of more than 50m from where the removals truck needs to park to load your furniture?

Is there clearway access at set times during the day?

Is there a school nearby, which may mean increased traffic a certain times.?

Making sure the removalist is aware of accessibility

When its time to complete an online quote form, then make sure you advise the removal company of any of these issues.

If you find yourself entering details onto a quote form that does not ask these questions, be very aware that you may be hit with a surcharge when they turn up to collect or deliver your furniture.

Some backloading removalists will skim over these points, as they are keen to give you the cheapest possible price they can and lock you in, we at Moving Again try to be as upfront about this as possible, so we can ensure a smooth move, with minimum stress