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Backloading Launceston To Perth

What is the cheapest way to move from Launceston To Perth?

Moving Again provides a backload moving services at least 5 times per week on all routes travelling between Launceston and Perth
All backloading removal jobs we handle are performed to the same high-quality standard as all other jobs, however, we offer a more affordable price due to you being a little more flexible with the schedule of the removal.

To put it simply, if you can allow us to pick up within a 48-hour window instead of on a specific day, we'll bring down your price as thanks for making our job a little easier.
Just last week we organised backloading transport for a client with 29m3 of furniture from Launceston and Perth. They were flexible, just needed to be moved urgently and we got them moving with just 3 days notice! Because of that flexibility, they saved over $370.12 off their total moving price.

What is needed for a backload removal quote from Launceston and Perth

  • How many items are you transporting
  • How tight is your schedule
  • How often we have backloading transport running Launceston and Perth
  • The time of year
  • Are there any lifts, stairs etc the removalists need to consider.

What Is A Backload?

Backloads are very common practice within the furniture removal industry. In simple terms, we use any excess space left over for smaller, less urgent jobs and offer a reduced rate to customers for this space.

Looking For a Backload Company from Launceston to Perth?

Moving Again have a solution tailored to fit your needs.

Online Quote Forms

Complete an easy to follow backload list

Choose The Best Option

Backloading or full service removalists

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Enjoy a stress free backloading service

What is transport backloading?

If for example, a removalist was  doing a trip from Launceston to Perth in a 60m3 removal van, and had a job booked in that took up 40m3 of the space, they would then look for a backload job to fill up the last 27m3 of space in the truck, and offer that customer a cheaper price to move from Launceston and Perth as a backload move.