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What Is The Safest Way To Move Interstate

what is the safest way to move interstateMoving your beloved furniture across the country is a stressful ordeal, even for the most seasoned movers, its a high stress situation.

There's always heaps to do, and never enough time. So whats the safest way to move interstate?

I have two major tips in ensuring that your goods have a safe trip. They are booking a renown and reliable removalist, and creating a procedure for yourself to follow when it comes to preparing your items for your move.

Another thing is to see what other people want to know about moving, everybody thinks differently, so looking through some questions that other customers have asked us is a great way to think of things you might not have already done.

Have a look through our Moving Again FAQ page for a list of some of the most commonly asked questions.
Moving interstate can be tricky and challenging especially safety wise. This is attributed to the fact that there are certain laws and regulations that are used in some states to enhance safety.

New people coming into such a state might not comprehend these laws and therefore thy might do things that can endanger them and others. For instance; driving on the wrong side of the road can readily cause accidents with drivers who are new in a certain state thinking that they are driving on the proper way.

Therefore, it is important to know what is the safest way to move interstate.

One of the most effective ways of enhancing safety while moving interstate is to ensure the mover selected observes all measures that are meant to enhance safety.

This means that the mover should demonstrate the ability and willingness to observe the necessary safety measures.

Truck and driver Safety:


Some of the most important safety measures include ensuring that the vehicles carrying things to be moved are in good mechanical conditions.

This is because vehicles with mechanical problems are likely to cause accidents which could have been avoided.

The ideal way of ensuring that the vehicles used are in good mechanical conditions is checking for the inspection certificate which shows how regularly the vehicles are maintained mechanically.
It is also paramount for the right mover to have more than one driver.

This is especially when the distance to be covered is relatively long which might require driving for more than twelve hours.

Just one driver might get exhausted and therefore cause accidents.

However, when there is more than one driver, the moving becomes safer because the drivers can exchange after driving for some hours. In fact, most states have rules stipulating the maximum number of hours that a driver should drive before resting.
Carrying the right quantities of luggage is also imperative when it comes to moving safety.

It is better to use more money to hire more transport vehicles rather than overload one vehicle with the things to be moved.

Most interstate moving companies have regulations which guides on the maximum luggage that can be carried. But there are others which can compromise safety by carrying excess weight.

This makes it harder to control the vehicle and can eventually cause accidents.


Following your own plan:

Creating, and sticking to your own steps when you’re packing will ensure that every single item you’re moving gets all the attention it requires and is safe and secure for transit. If you just go through randomly packing items I can say there is a really high chance something will happen to something.

If you follow you’re own guidelines and go room by room, item by item, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve done everything possible to ensure the safety of your items. I recommend creating a list of what needs to be done. The best place to start this is by looking through our Moving Again checklist.

Our customers constantly come to us asking how to do things, or what to do when something happens, or how to pack some furniture, we’ve compiled everything we know about moving onto our checklist. It should give you the basis of a solid moving procedure and will ensure everything that needs to be done, gets done.

Interstate moving also requires the moving company to be licensed and insured. The importance of license is that it ensures that the moving company has permission to go into different states and therefore no rules will be broken by moving interstate.


Knowing as much as you can:

The insurance is also important because it protects against damages and accidents that might occur while moving. Therefore, by observing the outlined guidelines one can readily and safely move interstate.

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