How do i get the best priced removalist quote when moving interstate?

The best way to ensure that you keep your costs low when moving is to follow our guide

I hope that our website will be of assistance to you, and in some way ease the sometimes stressful situation you now find yourself in.

We have designed this website to assist you in every step of the way in organising your furniture removal.

Enough of the introduction, lets get you ready to move home

The first stage is to start getting ready to get all your details through to your chosen removalists, in most cases, this will be Moving Again

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Planning Your Move

Decide what items you are moving!

Important Moving Tip!!
Sell, give away, dump, anything that you no longer need or want.
During my years as an Interstate removalist, I have lost count of the amount of people who pay for space on vehicles for furniture that they no longer require.
If you no longer need or want these items, now is the perfect time for a clear out.

Please also consider items such as paint and petrol, that the removalist will not carry
Now you have decided what you don’t want to take with you, you will need to prepare an inventory or list of the items you do want to take.

The best way to do this is by walking from room to room entering each item that needs to be taken, this can be either done with a notepad, or better still by doing it live direct onto the website, using a laptop or ipad

I do suggest that you finsh reading these instructions before you start entering your list

How many boxes do I need when moving home

 cartons or boxes are needed for my furniture removal

How many cartons or boxes are needed for my furniture removal?

This is one of the harder parts of calculating your quotation as unless you have moved previously or are already packed and raring to go it can be difficult to estimate exactly how many cartons or boxes you will need.
We have found that the best way to do this is to estimate your cartons on a room to room basis, as opposed to attempting to make a ‘guestimate’ at the end.

By this we mean as you are walking around your home and listing your furniture and belongings try to visualise contents of cupboards and loose items in piles and then count how many piles you think there will be for each room.

Whilst removal cartons are in our opinion the best way to transport your belongings safely, we do not insist that these be used, but in terms of your estimate please be sure to inform us if you are estimating removal cartons or other size boxes as this will effect your quote.

A standard removal carton is the same size as the old wooden Tea chest, which are approximately 435 x 410 x 600mm.

You can see various types of cartons available through most self storage facilities.

If you are still a little uneasy about estimating your carton needs, when you come to complete your inventory, don’t enter any cartons and we can estimate for you.

If you take this option please be sure to tell us that we need to estimate cartons on your behalf otherwise we will calculate your quotation based purely on what you have told us.

Please don’t worry if you feel you have made an error in your estimate of cartons or boxes, as you get closer to your chosen ‘Moving Day’ you will find that you will be better placed to either confirm or change the number of cartons you have.

If the total only changes by one or two that is fine, but if the number increases or decreases by more than 5 or 6 boxes please inform us as soon as possible so we may adjust your quote accordingly.

This is especially important if the number increases as we will have to ensure there is sufficient space on the truck or container for all your goods.

Making A Removalist Inventory

Making A Removalist InventoryMaking A Removalist Inventory

OK you have printed off your inventory form, or you have decided to just note everything down on a sheet of paper.

What happens next?

We suggest you walk from room to room listing every item in your home that you wish to transport.

This may seem like a daunting task but as long as you take it steadily you will find you progress through quite quickly.

If possible do it with a partner and have them call out each item as you go and you can note it down.

Moving out of your home

Whilst you are preparing your inventory try to bear in mind that we are only able to quote on what you tell us, we have not seen what you have.

If you have any over sized items, such as large wall units or Americana style fridges, please make sure that you note this down on your inventory.

Don’t forget any outdoor furniture and contents of any sheds or garages.

Please remember we cannot see what you can and try not to presume that we will know that you have a vacuum and some mops and buckets in your laundry.

Also please consider your new home when preparing this inventory. For example does your new home have built in wardrobes in which case do you want to take your freestanding ones with you.

Moving in to your new home

Important Moving Tip!!
Remember what we said about selling , giving away, or dumping anything that you no longer need or want.

Also please consider your new home when preparing this inventory. For example does your new home have built in wardrobes in which case do you want to take your freestanding ones with you.
Is there a large outdoor are at your new home?
Is there room for all 3 lounge suites in the new house?
Remember the more you take the more it costs!!!

Allowing for Access Issues for Removalist

how accessible is your homeAllowing for Access Issues for Removalist

Ok, you have prepared your inventory and either calculated your boxes or estimated what you think you will have, and you now want to send us this information.

Please do consider access to your house or unit, if there are stairs involved or you have a long steep winding driveway, please inform us as it helps us be prepared for you move.

Also if these things are not advised before your removal there may be extra charges to consider, mainly due to the fact that it may take longer than anticipated to carry out your removal and we may be late for another customer.

You wouldn’t like us being late for your removal, so please keep us informed.

Questions you may need to answer are outlined below:

  • Any access problems?
  • How close can a truck get to your home?
  • When you want to move?
  • Did you want any storage?.
  • Did you want any packing done?

Why do we need to know this, well we all hear of removalists who try to charge more when they arrive at your home, well in general this is because they arrive expecting one thing and find another.

This is either an inventory that is not as described, or access to the home is different.

Things like using a lift to access your furniture, may not seem a big deal to you, but consider this. The guys carry your furniture into the lift, they then put it down, then they travel down in lift, pick items back up and walk to truck.

In general this takes a lot longer than simply walking out your front door with an item, and admittedly if you only have one thing to move, then the time difference is minimal, but for a whole unit full time ticks away, and time is wages etc.

The best way forward is to tell them everything in advance, and even send through the address for delivery / uplift so we can view it on Google maps, to be sure.

If you answer all the questions correctly, and have created an accurate inventory then there will be no nasty surprises for anyone come moving day.

Send us the inventory


There are 4 options of moving quote, which may sound complicated but hopefully this will explain

1. Household Inventory. This is the form to complete if you are moving out of a house, a unit, or a townhouse etc.

It lists almost every item we can think of and then leaves you a space to add any extras we may have forgotten to have on our list

Complete an Inventory

2. Only want an estimate . This is our quickest form to complete, only a couple of options, basically if you are moving in a few months time, and jsy want an idea of what your moving costs may be

Estimate of Moving Costs

3. Enter a cubic meterage. This form is great if your belongings are already in storage, and you know the cubic meterage of your move.

( Whilst I don’t presume to tell you how to suck eggs, cubic meterage is not square meters ) for example a 3m3 shed is 1m x1mx3m , if you have a shed 3x3x3 that equals 27m3

I do suggest clarifying this prior to entering this measurement. If in doubt ask the storage facility for the CUBIC CAPACITY of your storage shed.

Moving Quote based on cubic meters

4. Copy and Paste a list into a form. This has been designed for people that already have a list prepared and rather than type it into an online form, this allows you to simply copy and paste the list into our website

If for whatever reason you cannot use or quote form, then please send your quote to us via email at

Please bear in mind, that unless you say anything to the contrary we will base your quote on you having good ground floor access at both uplift and delivery

Send Removalist list of items to move

Hopefully you have found this useful and can now get your moving quote