Furniture Removal Inventory List

Furniture Removal Inventory List

Putting together an item list for the removalist


We suggest you walk from room to room listing every item in your home
that you wish to transport.


This may seem like a daunting task but as long as you take it steadily
you will find your progress through quite quickly.


If possible do it with a partner and have them call out each item as
you go, and you can note it down.


N.B This is a great time to decide which items, if any that you don’t wish
to transport.


Remember you pay for space you take on the vehicle so don’t take
anything that you no longer have a use.

Also please consider your new home when preparing this inventory.


  • Does your new home have built-in wardrobes in which case do
    you want to take your freestanding ones with you.
  • Do you no longer have a garden as you may want to dispose of some or all of your garden tools
  • Are you downsizing, so perhaps you no longer need some furniture.


Are there any oversized items to consider in your removal inventory?

If you have any oversized items, such as large wall units or Americana
style fridges, please ensure we have the correct measurements if in any doubt


Lounges seem to be getting bigger and bigger as years go by, realistically look at your couch, would you consider it a standard size, perhaps it has a large footrest, or ottoman to bear in mind.


While you are preparing your inventory to try to bear in mind that we are only able to quote on what you tell us, we have not seen what you have. Our new quote page allows you to enter custom measurements for any item that you want us to move so we can always be sure we have the correct information on your inventory


Outside Items to be moved need to be included on the furniture removal inventory list.

Don’t forget any outdoor furniture and contents of any sheds or garages.

Do you have workbenches, tool sheds, garden ornaments, or pot plants?


Do you have goods in storage?

Sometimes customers have all their goods in a storage shed and find it rather difficult to provide us with a moving list of items, in these cases, it is often easy to provide us with the cubic capacity of the facility, and we can base a quote on that as opposed to an inventory.

What to do if you have items in your home and your storage shed?

In this case, we suggest making a list of items at home and then provide cubic meterage for the shed, and we can combine the two and give you a quote for the whole move, you will have the ability to advise of a multiple picks up locations when you complete our quote form

Access Issues For The Removalists

Access issues increase moving costs

If you live in a single-level home, or all your goods are stored in an easily accessible garage or storeroom, you should expect to pay less than someone who lives in a three-story walk-up or a unit with a lift.

The reasoning behind this is it takes interstate removalists longer to load or unload your furniture, and wages need to be paid. Hence the price is higher.

Whether you live on a busy street or a multi-story building, you should ensure that the furniture removalists have easy access to your home.

If possible, you should arrange with the caretaker of the building or your neighbours to reserve a lift or extra parking space for the removal date.

Questions that need answers:

Are there any stairs?

If so how many flights?

Is there a lift?

Is there a walk of more than 50m from where the removals truck needs to park to load your furniture?

Is there clearway access at set times during the day?

Is there a school nearby, which may mean increased traffic at certain times.?

Making sure the removalist is aware of accessibility

When its time to complete an online quote form, then make sure you advise the removal company of any of these issues.

If you find yourself entering details onto a quote form that does not ask these questions, be very aware that you may be hit with a surcharge when they turn up to collect or deliver your furniture.

Some backloading removalists will skim over these points, as they are keen to give you the lowest possible price they can and lock you in, we at Moving Again try to be as upfront about this as possible, so we can ensure a smooth move, with minimum stress

What to do once you have your removalist inventory ready?

Once you have gathered this information together, you will need to go to our quotation page and enter this list. Often you will find that as you get closer to your chosen moving day, you may need to tweak or adjust the removalist inventory, but we have you covered on this.


Our new improved quoting system allows you to look up your current list of items, make a duplicate of this list and then easily edit some or all of the things on the list, and then send it through to us to adjust. Allowing you to compare multiple versions of your removalist quote side by side