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Below are some of the most popular questions we get asked weekly.

If you can't find your answer, then please just email us, or reply to your quote with the question you have

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How much notice do I need to give to book?

This differs from job to job, but ideally, we would like around a week to provide the best service we can for you.

Can you help with short notice moves?

In the case of last-minute jobs, as long as it is from a metropolitan area to another, we would only need around 48 hours notice.

Do I need Removal Insurance?

Moving furniture long distances on trucks or via rail means there is always a higher risk of damage to your belongings than if they are sat in your home.


How can I pay for my move?

We accept bank transfer or credit card, or you can pay cash to driver.

Are there rules on transporting pot plants?

Check with your destination states department of Primary industries regarding specific plants.

Do you have any advice on moving pot plants?

Please see this page Moving Pot Plants

Should I water pot plants when moving interstate

Be sensible when preparing plants to be moved, do not water them for a few days prior, be selective, and try to keep them to a bare minimum.

Can I take my gas bottle with my BBQ?

Sorry no.

Should I use plastic covers for beds and lounges?

Yes, we always recommend you wrap your upholstered furniture in plastic covers, as even when they are wrapped in our removal blankets they can often get dirty whilst inside a truck.

Should i put items inside my drawers when moving interstate?

It is never a good idea to store items inside drawers during a move, as it runs a high risk of damage occurring to your drawers, and also the possibility of your belongings falling out and getting lost.

Why should I complete an inventory list?

To greatly reduce the risk of an incorrect quote, we always request that the customer fills out an inventory list as it is the most accurate way to quote a job.

Do I need to send a list of items?

We always prefer an inventory list because generally when it comes to a cubic meter quote, the customer often either overestimates or overestimates the size of their jobs and then the price your quoted could be incorrect.

Can you put my car in the truck with the furniture?

No you cant, but we can give you a quote to transport your car as well as your furniture.

Do you price match competitor quotes?

Yes we certainly will.

Whilst we believe you'll generally not find a cheaper price, if you somehow do we'll happily do our best to beat it for you.

Do you have a minimum amount you will move?

Not at all, that's the main benefit of "backloading." It enables us to take anything from 1 item, to an entire truck full of items.

Just send through a list of what you need to move and we can let you know a price straight away

Is there a fee to change a date once it has been booked in?

No there are no fees, however obviously we need as much notice as possible to try and secure you your new date.

You just need to give our office a call and our staff will assist you with changing your moving date.

What are office hours

Phones are answered Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 4pm

However we provide online / email support all day everyday, so if you have a question, just email and we will be back to you before you know it, or even sooner sometimes.

How Can I Move Interstate Cheaply ?

The cheapest way to move interstate is to book a backload on a removalist truck that is already heading to your chosen destination

What size is tea chest carton

Standard removal cartons are approx 650 * 450 * 450

These are particularly useful for packing bulky but light items such as clothes, shoes, bed linen and cuddly toys you've yet to grow out of.


What size is a book box

Book cartons are 400 * 300 * 430.
All measurements are in mm