Moving Pot Plants Interstate

Moving Pot Plants Interstate

What do i need to know about moving pot plants interstate.

how to move plants interstate


When moving plants interstate via a removalist there are several things you can do to ensure a smooth move

  • Dont water them a few days prior to the move
  • Trim them down to reduce space
  • Clay pots with trays should have trays removed and packed in box
  • Where possible, re-pot plants into non-breakable plastic containers
  • Be prepared that some clay pots may break if full of soil and heavy
  • Check any clay pots for signs of cracking and replace these with plastic pots for transport
  • Check the quarantine restrictions if any on the state that you are moving to

There used to be a different website for each state, now it seem someone has decided it will be a good idea to put up one website for easy referral.

This is available via this link Check Quarantine