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Getting a removalist quote is one of the first things you should do when you begin planning an interstate move.

Once you've got an idea of roughly what it is going to cost to move your furniture to your new place, you can begin planning for it.

removalist quotes
If you need to get great removalist quotes

Removalist quotes online

All our quotes are done online, as this saves everyone involved time and money.

By following our improved removals quoting system, we can ensure that we have all the correct information to enable us to provide you with a correct estimation of your moving needs

The online form allows you to select from our exhaustive list of items that previous customers have moved with us in the past. Still, it also has sections where you can either add an item particular to you ( with dimensions) or if you prefer you can simply paste a list into the form.


Interstate Removals Cost

If the whole family is moving, and you've got a big home, then you'll probably have a lot of furniture.
Itemising everything individually gives you the ability to adjust it item by item at a later date.

The quotation form will allow you, once completed to revisit the form and make adjustments at any time day or night. Our customers have found this particularly useful in the past when they are not sure what they will be moving, and need to make several adjustments before finalising their quote with us

A moving quote in cubic meters

If you've currently got goods stored in a shed/storage locker etc. that you need to move.
If you've got your goods in with a storage company, they can generally tell you the total cubic meterage (otherwise known as volume) of your unit.

When you come to complete the quote, instead of filing in a list of items, you can simply enter a number, and we can quote on that for you. Be aware that quoting on cubic meters only has some drawbacks. We have to presume that you understand how cubic meter removalist quotes are calculated. Cubic meters are not square meters. Its a measurement in volume, if you have any doubt, please have a look at this website How to calculate the volume


Having a Prepared List To Move

Maybe you've already filled out other lists, or you've written everything down on your phone and don't want to have to redo it over again. You can do this via our removalist quotation form, just go to the bottom of the page that shows you a selection of items and hit "NEXT" and you will get to a page that allows you to paste the list. For a great explanation of exactly what to look out for when preparing a removalist inventory form, please read our article on the subject

The estimation

These are good if you're looking to be moving a while ahead in the future, and just want a ballpark of the total cost. All we need to know is what size house/apartment you live in, and from that, we can advise roughly a total price for removing you anywhere in the country.

Do you provide a price-match or compare quote service of any kind?

Yes, we do. However, we always suggest reading the fine print when comparing prices. (which we do for you when trying to beat a competitor)
For example, we always include GST in our prices; you might have been given a price that does not cover it, and wonder why they are so much cheaper.

There are a few checkpoints you should run through when comparing quotes against each other.

1. Is the inventory identical? Maybe you missed something from a list.

2. Did you advise both removalists of lift/stairs long walk at collection or delivery?

3. Did you tell them how tight the corners near my house are? Maybe the price you were given was for a large truck that would never get into your street.

While it's not nice to have to replace or repair the dining table because of a few scratches, imagine something happening and you not having a dining table or any furniture for that matter.

We recommend that you purchase your insurance independently, as that way you can ensure your insurance provides cover for everything, rather than leaving it up to a companies insurance policy to protect you.