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Cheapest way to move between Perth and Brisbane


For customers moving between these two cities, 99% of the time this is done via shipping containers and by utilizing the rail network

Removalists Brisbane Perth
Removalists Brisbane Perth normally involve container removals

So How Does That Work.


In theory its relatively simple. We send a truck to your home that carries a 20ft shipping container on the back.

The guys pack, wrap and load your furniture and belongings into the container.

Then if you happen to fill the container the driver normally takes the container straight to the rali station, if a booking is available, if not its taken to a secure yard to await the next slot

If the container is not full, its then partitioned off and is taken to the next customers home, to fill it.

Containers are normally only transported full, to ensure the least amount of movement possible


So Then What Happens?

Then the container is sent via the National Rail Network to Perth.

When it arrives in Perth, 1 of 2 things normally happen.

If you have not requested storage then the container is loaded by a crane onto the back of another removal truck.

This truck then comes to your new home, and the guys unload everything for you.

If you have requested storage, then the container is taken to a secure yard, until you are ready to take delivery

Things to Consider when Moving to Perth & Western Australia.



Probably the major difference in moving to Perth as opposed to any other state is that all goods have to go through quarantine, and a form would need to be completed to enable us to transport your furniture there.

Unaccompanied Personal Effects Declaration Quarantine WA

This form needs to be completed prior to moving day and emailed back to us.

Or if you prefer you can download it from the WA Government website itself


If you can only complete from section 6 onwards, as we will complete the 1st 5 sections

Once completed please email it to us, with your reference number