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Thanks Nathan, Troy, Monty and Conrad!

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Hi Monty & Conrad

Was supposed to move 30/9/14, but prior customers caused massive delays for Nathan & Troy. They had a bugger of a day on the 30th & didn’t finish until late. I got my gear picked up about 8:30-9am today (1/10/14). I locked up the unit about 9 am – never to return. Due to the small amount of items & good organisation, my move was relatively easy for them. The trunk/tool box was heavy, but Troy managed it with a sturdy trolley (OMG that man is a human forklift on legs!). Nathan & Troy were absolute gems. Nathan handled my troublesome male neighbour like a pro. I am currently in my Caboolture unit. I have to go out tomorrow to purchase basic food items.

You aren’t delivering my goods here tomorrow – ARE YOU? I realise you can’t be 100% accurate in the moving game (too many variables). I just want to ensure I am here when the lads arrive. They have recently had a lot of stressful delays, because of disorganised clients. I want to do everything in my power to ensure my end of the spectrum is functional. I hope you realise what a great couple of lads you have working in conjunction with you (Troy & Nathan). I, for one, was impressed! Thanks again for your many kindnesses and excellent communication. I look forward to hearing from you regarding the possible delivery date and time.


Regards Ms P Marie Baxter

MQ 107998

5 02/10/2014