Furniture Removals Checklist

Here is a quick checklist you may want to print off.

Make sure your cartons are packed tightly and securely sealed with tape

Write your surname on all cartons and number them from 1 – 10 etc.

Ensure all items to be dismantled are ready prior to the arrival of the furniture removalist.

Check with the manufacturer of your white goods i.e., fridge, washing machine, dryer etc, and be guided by their advice regarding securing bowls/motors etc

Remove hooks from fishing lines.

Drain fuel and oil from lawn mowers, edgers, Whipper-snippers etc

Thoroughly clean and dry inside of fridges, freezers and dishwashers

Seek manufacturers advice regarding computer drive, video drive etc.

Dispose of all un-sealed liquids.

Dispose of all aerosol cans, flammable fluids, matches etc.

Empty gas cylinder from your BBQ, In fact the best thing to do with Gas bottles is to take them to the nearest Swap + Go

Clean BBQ. surface and surrounds of grease etc

Dismantle swing-sets, play-gyms, trampolines etc,(put nuts and bolts in a safe place).

Wash out rubbish bins and wheel barrows.

Drain garden hoses.

Remove pumps, water bottles, batteries etc from bicycles..

Clean and spray dog kennels, empty and clean fish tanks, ird cages etc.

Ensure all loose items are placed in bags or boxes

Empty and defrost fridge/freezer. It is advisable to do this 24 hours prior to the day of your removal

Be on hand the day of removal or authorise someone to act on your behalf to answer any queries from the removalist.

Have an advance plan for the placement of your furniture

Be on hand or have someone authorised for un-loading at your residence, directing the placement of furniture.

Jason Hill

He has been involved in the industry for close to 20 years, starting as an offisder on a local truck, moving on to become driver, then moving to interstate removals a year later. Was DAS accredited many years ago, which means he was qualified to carry out Government moves. Trained at several companies over the years, has seen most things that has given him the experience to asses most removals situations.


Backloading and Interstate Removalists
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