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Interstate Backload Removalists

We can transport any move large or small to any major city such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney or Tasmania

We also transport goods to other areas such as Mackay, Newcastle, Wollongong, Albury, Port Hedland, Bunbury, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Cairns and many more.

Our primary goal is to ensure our customers are provided with a top-quality, but affordable backloading service.

Moving can be stressful, but we work to make sure that it is as easy as it can be. If you're ready to get started then send through a quote.

Looking For A Backloading Specialist?

Backloading is a fantastic way to get smaller or less urgent moves happening, such as our most common backloads:

  • Ebay or Gumtree purchases.
  • Moving interstate for study.
  • Interstate work transfers.
  • Sending furniture to family interstate.
  • Small unit or apartment moves.
  • Temporary relocations
  • Businesses needing to move stock/shop fittings
  • Businesses needing to move office supplies/furniture.

These are just some of our most common Backloading removalists options, but definitely not all we can help you move. Our Backloading services are also available on larger moves even up to full home removals.

Book an interstate Backload opposed to paying for the whole truck

There are many potential problems that may arise when hiring trucks and moving long distance but there is always a sense of disappointment and regret when you find yourself with a small load that barely fills half a removal van, and you have the realisation that you are paying for all that space all the way to your new destination.

Backloading eliminates this concern because the main aim is to fill a truck with the belongings of multiple clients before it sets off to a new town.

As with any long-distance move, the sooner you can get hold of a company and book a slot, the more likely you are to get the date you want and have your belongings at the new house in time.

What is Backloading?

How Can I Move Interstate Cheaply

The cheapest way to move interstate is to book a backload on a removalist truck that is already heading to your chosen destination

This is the simplest way to make more than a modest saving on removalist company charges.

Backloaders never charge full price, but there are other ways to make savings.

Read through our page on keeping prices down, and we can ensure you that you will be pleasantly surprised how cheap your move becomes.

What is backloading ?

The definition of backloading is simply that you pay for space taken in a truck or container in one direction. You are not paying for the round trip, and you save by only paying for space required

Backloading removals is a term coined by removalists for smaller jobs. Primarily removalists aim for large jobs, as the fewest spots we need to move between to pick up and drop off everything, the easier our life is.

However, if the truck isn't full, we'll book in a couple backloads onto the truck. If you've only got a handful of items to move interstate then you're not going to need the whole removalist van, so are happy to share.

While we provide this service across the country, it is incredibly popular throughout Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, due to their proximity and the number of trucks running up and down at any point in time means we can always find space.


What Does Backloading Cost?

This is dependent on how many items you are moving and where you are moving to and from, we can provide an obligation free estimate for a backload to and from anywhere in Australia.

Backloading Estimate

What is the average price for moving interstate

Costs are calculated by using several factors, but generally the more items you move the more expensive the move becomes, distance is always factored in, however more often its the popularity of the route you are moving on weighs heavier on price

Often this is done by directly contacting us about our backloading service as this way you only pay for space that is required by your belongings, furniture, and boxes in one of the trucks or containers at our disposal.

Backloading Removalists Interstate Rates are not for just capital city to capital city runs, but they are the most popular by far. Trucks load in Brisbane and Gold Coast daily and head to Darwin, via Mount Isa and central Queensland, these trucks are always looking for a return load very often, so it's easy to get a backload quote for one of these runs.

Our backloading Removalists can save you money and are easily the cheap interstate removals source that you may be looking. Why pay more when a budget-friendly service is available 6 to 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year?

Moving Again offers this service, and all we require is that you complete an online inquiry, and we will have the best-priced removals quote emailed to you within a few hours.

There is not really an average cost to move interstate Australia wide, but saying that we like to keep these costs realistic, so we are happy to offer a price comparison service, if you receive a comparable quote from another backload service then shoot us an email and let us see how we compare, and hopefully beat your quoted price


How much does it cost to move interstate in Australia?

If you are moving an average 3 bedroom home from Perth to Brisbane it will probably cost approximately between $3895.00 and $5895.00, but if you are moving a single item between Sydney and Brisbane a closer estimate would be $400.00

How many boxes do I need for a 3 bedroom home move?

We would estimate you will need between 25 – 40 x removal cartons depending on how well filled your house may be.

You can find some more estimates on this page.

Calculate packing needs for interstate move

What do removalists charge ?

Interstate backloading removalists charge by the CUBIC meter, and will always need to have you provide a list of items to move.

Local removalists normally charge by the hour, and this can range form between $80.00 per hour to $140.00 per hour depending on size of truck and how many men they supply for your move.

Can you backload a car or vehicle?

While backloads and moving people interstate are some companies only objective.

We also offer to backload car transport to our customers.

When you combine booking your car with us and loading furniture on our backload service, you can often look at saving yourself hundreds or thousands.


What storage options are available when using a backloader

We also have storage space available in every major city across Australia, with us you get the full package regardless of if you're in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, NT, TAS or the ACT.


How Much Notice Do You Need To Arrange A Backload?


Backloading Removalists companies appreciate notice, but there is less of a time constraint because of the potential of last-minute spaces opening up on other peoples trucks.

This approach will not appeal to everyone, particularly those that like to be efficient and organised as quickly as possible, but it provides an excellent opportunity for people having to relocate at short notice.

It sounds like an odd idea at first, particularly the notion of piggybacking onto other people's removals or letting strangers share your truck across long distances, but it can open up new doors and provide more convenience than traditional methods.

Putting your faith in a reputable company, one with a long history in backloading and interstate removals means that you can be sure of finding a reliable way of getting a load of any size to any destination with ease and significant savings.

Grabbing a backload is an excellent option for people with limited possessions, couples and apartment owners but it also helps cut costs because you are only paying for space you take up not the whole truck, and you will end up saving money on your move.

Save Money Every Time

Backloading Australia Wide

The availability of this service is an easy one to describe; we can move you pretty much any day Monday to Saturday, Sunday is available sometimes, but typically only in the hectic periods ( Christmas and New Year)

"I feel much better knowing that I arrived at my destination with all my possessions in one piece. Thanks for all your help. Keep up the good work "

Patti Lynch

"Just a short note to thank your company for the excellent service we experienced when you moved our daughter. Everyone Jason, Mandy, Johno and his offsider(didn't catch his name) were all extremely professional and helpful. I have nothing but praise for them all, and appreciate the manner in which the move was organised. Thank you all. ."

Susie Gentry

"Thank god I found Moving Again! I was having so much trouble moving from Hobart. Seems like hardly anyone comes across anymore. They were able to organise a truck with only a few days notice and were so friendly and helpful. They made the whole thing super simple. Definitely the easiest move I’ve ever done. I’ve already got my brother onto them for his upcoming move."

Keith Finley

Backload Services and Quotes

As a backloading removalist that specialises in cheap moves, we provide a daily service from the following cities.
Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

We also have regular services to and from all major cities in Australia.

We utilise both truck and container transport, which allows us to arrange moves with short notice.

If you are looking at making huge savings on your next interstate removal, please feel free to contact us.

To obtain a great quote on backloading today, please complete an online application.

Backload Moving Company

There is no denying that interstate removals can be stressful experiences. Moving Again is committed to providing the best interstate removalists to take the pressure off your move through our backloading removalists services.

There is no denying that interstate removals can be stressful experiences. Moving Again is committed to providing the best interstate backloaders services to take the pressure off your move through our backloading services.

There are many potential problems that may arise when hiring trucks and moving long distance but there is always a sense of disappointment and regret when you find yourself with a small load that barely fills half a removalist van, and you have the realisation that you are paying for all that space all the way to your new destination.