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Being prepared is the key..

Being prepared for your upcoming removal is the key to its success, our site is packed with useful moving tips that you my want to read


Start as soon as its convenient and record the contents on the outside of each carton.
Alternatively make a list of each carton number with a description next to each number listing contents of the cartons.

E.G Carton 1 has kitchen crockery, cups, glasses.

Carton 2 Kids toys from Susan’s room.

This will make it easier for you at delivery, as you will not need to look through every carton just to find a cup.


Remember to collect any items sent to the laundry or dry cleaners. Fix a day before the washing machine is unplumbed for your last pre-move washing session.

It will be a pleasure on arrival not to have to worry about a great pile of dirty clothes.

Kitchen appliances

If any of these require professional re-connection or plumbing, make arrangements for the appropriate electrician, plumber, fitter to call on moving day or the day before and again on delivery.


Despite their size, freezers are delicate machines which should be prepared for removal with care. If possible, start to run-down the contents some time before your removal.

We advise to never move your freezer when full: it is quite easy to damage the frame or interior when moving, and there is always the risk that defrosting will occur on a long journey.

Electrical and gas appliances

Where necessary have them prepared for removal by qualified service agents. You may need to disconnect stoves or heaters, bolt down refrigerator motors or washing machine drums, take down electrical fittings (wall heaters, electrical clocks, etc.) that are wired to the mains or get the TV aerial down from the roof.

It is well worth planning in advance where you want to put your furniture in your new home. This can save much frustration on moving day.

You may wish to draw up a floor plan of your new home and, using appropriately scaled pieces of paper, make sure that your furniture fits where you would like it to go. This can be important in the kitchen, where the spaces left for appliances never seem standardised.

If you draw up furniture plans before the move, give copies to your driver at delivery.

Personal travel arrangements

If you are moving interstate, decide now whether you are going to need overnight hotel accommodation en route and/or for a day or two at the other end, before you actually move in yourself.


If you are driving interstate, consider getting the car serviced now. Before the move, inspect the car and perform routine maintenance checks with extra thoroughness. If you are going to pack a heavy load, increase the tyre pressures as advised in the Owners Handbook. If you are using a roof rack, check what weight you can safely carry.
If you prefer not to drive Moving Again can arrange car transport

Going away party

Why not mark your departure with a combined Garage Sale and party?
Reducing the load will reduce your costs and you can mark all your trash and treasure with an appropriate Something to remember us by!