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Moving from Brisbane to the Gold Coast


My wife and I made the mistake that several others of you seem to have made. After we purchased our new home and made the down payment—and purchased insurance, money was getting a little tight. We were not poor, but we had been saving for years to buy a new home without a large mortgage.

Moving from Brisbane to the Gold Coast
Moving from Brisbane to the Gold Coast is easy

Once we made the purchase, we naively assumed that most of the spending we would have to do was over. A little excited over the upcoming move, my slightly overly aggressive wife decided to go furniture shopping. And boy did she shop. I didn’t complain, though, I knew how much she had looked forward to moving out of our slightly-frumpy home and into a newer house closer to the city. I do remember wishing to myself that she had waited—just a few weeks to go on her shopping binge so that the furniture company could deliver the new furniture to the new house. But, as it stood, it was now my problem.

For the sake of conserving a little money, I had determined that it would probably be best if I undertook the task of moving our things rather then hiring a moving service. I had no idea that my wife would ever be so picky about how the new furniture was handled as it was being loaded onto the small trailer I had rented. She literally walked behind me and critiqued every step. Slow down, watch your step, be careful. I bit my tongue. Much to my delight, the first load (of several) of furniture onto the small trailer was loaded and unloaded without any problem. The next load went almost as well (a small, lightweight box of hair curlers had blown off as I floated down the highway).

I casually mentioned it to my wife upon my return and she wasn’t upset. I had purposefully put off loading the large new double door refrigerator until the last load. The reason being is that I had also saved a small batch of boxes that were very light for this load as well and by doing so, I was not putting too much weight on the small trailer bed. I tied it off sort of loosely because the back of the trailer had a very long (= tall) ramp that closed up into a back support, or door.

Once it was firmly loaded and in place, I began the last haul. I would give anything to go back to that day and hire a moving service. Because it was our last trip, my wife rode along with me (which obviously made me a little more nervous). A mile or so down the road, just after we had pulled onto the highway, I heard a very peculiar sound. It was a TWING and then a ERRRRRRRR. I almost passed out when I looked behind us and saw sparks flying from the back of the trailer. The hitch had come unlatched and was dragging on the road.

But this site did not prepare me for what I saw next. The refrigerator had begun to slide down the ramp. I immediately braked, hoping the brake action would send it in the reverse direction and back up on the trailer, at least until I could stop. No such luck. Off it went and then, BOOM…into the car behind us. I do not think my wife has ever really gotten over it. For a while, she would torture me by bringing it up each and every time she got angry with me. We would be fighting and she would say “yea, well who trashed our new refrigerator?”

Eventually, that stage passed, but recently, when we moved again, she called the furniture removal company before I could even offer..