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Move on a budget with an affordable removalist.

Move across Australia at a reasonable cost without sacrificing quality by doing all you can to make your move more economical.

Moving home can be really expensive, the whole process that is. There are endless ways that you can make sure that the actual moving costs are marked down as much as possible.

We hope to provide you as many ways to get a discount on your house move. From comparing quotes, to breaking down furniture, it all adds to a super cheap move.

How to ensure low-costs when searching for movers

The most important step is to ensure that you are only get the removalist to load items that you  really want to keep.This may seem obvious but we have lost count of the times we have arranged transport for items for customers and their family, only to find that they hadn't been through their belongings beforehand and reduced or removed items that they no longer really wanted.

On an interstate move every item adds to the overall charges of the service, even on the popularly priced routes and its ends up being not worth the money to move these items. An example of this would be perhaps a low priced wardrobe that you bought at a car boot sale, and you keep it in the garage for storage. This takes up a lot of space on the truck, and can simply be replaced at your destination without the hassles and costs of moving it. This is even more important if you are looking at storage in one of Australian capital cities or regional towns, as you then pay for space on a monthly basis, which will make a large addition to your moving quote

Always Ensure Removalists Knows What Your Backload Entails

Please do consider access to your house or unit, if there are stairs involved or you have a long steep winding driveway, please inform us as it helps us be prepared for you move.

Often customers believe that they can get a cut rate quote by "forgetting" to inform the moving company of all the possible access issues that we may come across when the truck arrives at their home.

All this does is causes unnecessary stress on the day of the move, which could have been avoided, as then extra charges will be incurred, when with a bit of extra knowledge and planning could have been avoided.

The reason is that everything then needs to be arranged at such a short notice we may have to pay top rates to any other companies for extra labour costs that are incurred, as opposed to perhaps bring extra staff on the day with us

Perhaps there isn't a loading zone outside your premises, and if we had known about that in advance could have applied to the local council for a permit for a nominal fee, but now we have to park around the corner and carry furniture twice as far to the truck hence the move takes longer and the charges go up.

Also if these things are not advised before your removal there may be extra charges to consider, mainly due to the fact that it may take longer than anticipated to carry out your removal and we may be late for another customer.

You wouldn’t like us being late for your removal, so please keep us informed.

Backloading Crew

We Will Slash Any Competitors Quote

Watch out for the real cheap services, and by this I do not mean price alone, make sure they have some type of goods in transit policy that covers your move, accept credit cards, and have history in the industry.

Unfortunately there are websites springing up on an almost daily basis, stating that they have experience, etc, and what they really mean is that they once watched a removalist load their aunties furniture onto a truck.

Be aware of companies that say they will beat any written quote, we believe that the best companies will offer you their best quote up front in this very competitive market, and then allow you the time to make your own mind up.

By stating that they will beat any written quote, they mostly will start cutting corners, and maybe they just send your move out to the cheapest backloading company they can find.

This is the long term will not save you money and may end of costing more as you get let down at the last minute and then have to accept the quote of whoever can help you at short notice.

Bargain-basement moving may take on a whole new meaning. if you are not careful!!

Competitive Backloader Services

We like to refer to our company as value for money, budget wise removalist services..

Everyone is looking for the best value for their money nowadays, and we would like to think that our backloading service provides that and more.

All quotes are done online, saving us time, and you money.

We allow customers to complete an inventory, and then send an exact copy of that inventory back to them, so they always know what they have told us and what we are being asked to move for them.

This will save us, and in turn you money, as we have lowered our costs we pass these savings onto you.

Remember all we need is a furniture removal inventory completed and we will have a quote to you within a few hours