Moving Interstate

Use our easy to follow guides to ensure that you interstate removals go smoothly. We know that it’s hard, its a pretty big thing to do, and can take weeks or months of organising to get everything to line up together. However, through our years of experience moving people across Australia, we’ve seen it all, and have been asked every question, and we have heard of every bizarre scenario. Hopefully, we can provide you just a little slice of our knowledge, and it helps your move run smoother, either a little or a lot, every tip helps. Whether its a backload, or a full blown removal, saving yourself stress, time and money wherever you can is always a plus.

Depending on where you are moving to and from there are many factors that will influence your move, and also many things to consider depending on where you are moving to. This part of our website is designed to assist you with your interstate move. Regardless if you are using our interstate removalists service or have decided on the backloading option If you are looking for more direct moving tips the please take a look at our interstate removals planning pages This is where you can find all useful tips to ensure a successful interstate or long distance move

Preparing Your Furniture Removal Inventory

You will always need to provide an inventory or list of items to be moved, to ensure that you do this correctly please read our article on how to prepare an accurate furniture removal inventory list

How many boxes do I need for my removal?

Often described as one of the hardest parts in doing an online quote is working out how to calculate the number of boxes you may need. We have put together a quick guide that hopefully will help you work this out. It's often most straightforward to try and work it out on a room by room basis, but please read more details on working out how many boxes you will need for your move. What Boxes do I need and how do I pack them? Moving Again does not insist that we pack your boxes, though it is a service we can provide on-demand.

However, to ensure everything arrives safe and sound we do recommend the correct use of cartons and packing materials for more details instructions on how to pack moving boxes please read in more detail.

Do I need removalist insurance?

If you are moving a long distance, then you should consider removalist insurance. You would not drive your car without insurance; your house is covered by insurance, maybe even you have health insurance

When moving furniture interstate there are always inherent risks involved, so please do check all your options. If you’re putting items in storage - get insurance, to protect against loss or damage. You want to enjoy your new home. Not mourn the loss of expensive furniture or belongings. Moving insurance is your answer.

Relocating plants interstate

When dealing with long-distance moving, we would prefer not to transport pot plants but will if they are essential to customers.

Do you need to find self-storage when you move?

You can find more info on storage here

Dangerous Items not transported by removalists

Any removalist will not carry Fuels, fertilisers, acids, ammunition, paints, aerosol cans, corrosives and flammable liquids as it may invalidate their insurance.

It's probably a good idea to dispose of these items in an environmentally friendly way (i.e. give them away)

Under no circumstances should you dispose of these items in waterways and drainage systems.

Not only would you be polluting the environmental surroundings, but it is also against the law.

Lawnmowers, wiper snipers, etc. please empty of any fuels or gases well before transportation. Again dispose of these sensibly.

With gas bottles, we now suggest giving the Gas bottle away we can not transport them

All removalists will refuse the transportation of any and all items they feel fit into the “dangerous goods” category.

If you are unsure what is classed at any time Contact Us for more information.

Moving home successfully with children

How to ensure that moving home with children is as good as it can be

Australian Government Links

Moving Home and Keeping The Tax Man Informed

do i need to advise tax office when moving interstate Keeping the Tax Office Informed when you are moving this link is direct to the change of address form You will find it by searching their website Australian Tax Office

Moving Home and Redirecting Mail

redirect mail when moving interstate When moving interstate it is imperative that you organise mail redirection as it is not really feasible to nip back and collect any mail if you have just moved interstate from Sydney to Perth Australia Post has a whole website dedicated to helping you when you are moving not just re directing mail.

Keep Centrelink Informed

Does CentreLink know you are moving home If you are moving, either interstate or you are just moving to a new town, if you are receiving any type of benefit it pays to let Centrelink know. You can find their website here Moving home and keeping Centrelink informed

Transporting Pot Plants Interstate.

Moving Pot Plants Interstate You can find out up to date info on this via the link below Interstate Transport of Pot Plants

Other things to consider when moving interstate

Pet Transport Interstate Moves

Pet Transport   Before you even consider putting a favourite member of the family through the trauma of moving home, check out the excellent service offered by JetPets An alternative is Aero pets  You can find them here AeroPets

Car Transport

car transport Moving Again Through our car carriers, we can offer a Nationwide service, and your car will be transported safely and securely throughout Australia by a recognised carrier. Why bother driving when you are moving interstate, by sending your car with our car carrying division, you can remove one more thing that may cause stress during the big move. Follow this link to get an obligation free quote today for your interstate car transport

Removals Insurance:

Insurance Options when moving interstate Moving Again can not provide any insurance with any of our quotations as we are not currently licensed to provide insurance. We strongly recommend that every single customer take out insurance for their removal. Having insurance is a huge de-stress for your move. Although we can not insure the goods ourselves, we can point you in the right direction to get insurance for your upcoming removal. Moving Insurance

Self storage when moving interstate:

Self Storage Options We are often asked where to purchase packing materials or where to find storage Respectable storage facilities not only organise storage, but will also be able to supply you with packing materials, including removalist boxes, packing paper, and tape. For Our most up to date list of Self Storage Facilities please follow this link