Interstate Removalists: Moving Again

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Moving is stressful, nobody can deny that, its one of those things that everybody has to do, but nobody really wants to prepare for, or arrange, or actually go through.

Its inconvenient, its time consuming, and almost anyone would rather not do it, but unfortunately because of the sheer size of Australia, its not just a simple job to pop down to the road if you need to move to Sydney from Brisbane.

It takes a specialized removal service, undertaken by professional, and highly trained loading teams and drivers to ensure that your goods get to their destination, let alone unscathed.

If you’re just thinking about moving suburbs, then yes you can possibly do it yourself, its still a pain but it is realistically doable, interstate moving however is, for almost anyone completely out of the question.

Most people don’t have the time you need to pack, load, drive, unload and then unpack, let alone the desire or drive to do everything without any assistance.


Finding The Best Interstate Moving Company

Not always easy, a quick checklist can help ensure at least you can make an informed choice.

When looking for a removalist, apart from pricing there are several other things that you need to consider.

Do have availability on the day you want to move?

Are they quick to respond to your questions

Is the removal quote in writing

Does the quote include any type of basic removals insurance?

Do they insist on you taking out their own insurance? If so be very wary, it is not compulsory for you to take out the interstate removalists insurance, you are perfectly entitled to shop around for your own.

Do they have a back up plan? What if a truck breakdowns? Do they have the ability to divert other trucks to you to to ensure that you are not left out in the cold.

Can they supply you with cartons and packing materials?

What about storage? Can they help you if you need storage, maybe they can store in a container ( this ensures no double handling of your furniture), perhaps you prefer self storage, are they happy for you to take this option, or do they insist you use their storage?




Want to know a bit more about “average’ interstate removalists.

What are they like?

Interstate removalists come in all shapes and sizes
Interstate removalists come in all shapes and sizes

Interstate removaliomething in common, they get to deal with some of the most stressed people in the country, people that are moving interstate.

What makes them Happy?

Customers that are prepared for their move, are the most popular, the kind of person that ensures all loose items are boxed, the outdoor furniture cleaned of any dirt, spider, etc.

People that have emptied fuel from the lawn mowers, dismantled that IKEA bookshelf, and generally are all raring to go

What makes them sad ?

Customers that have “forgotten” to mention that its impossible to get a large truck down their street

People that perhaps should maybe have bought some removalist cartons instead of using plastic bags to move their valuable china in, or the ones that think that its the removalists fault that their large fridge wont fit through the door in their new house.

These guys are some of the hardest workers in the country, i have lost count of the amount of times people have said to me ” I can not think of any job worse than an interstate furniture removalists, how do you do it?”

To be honest none of us really have an answer, some do it as they enjoy the travel part, some do it because they don’t have to go to the same place every day, but in general most do it because they are just ever so slightly nuts 🙂

Try to remember that come moving day the guys that turn up to help you, are just like everyone else, just trying to do a difficult job the best way they know how.

So if they look like they need a drink, offer one, a cold glass of water and a sandwich goes a long way, when you are working long hours in the Australian Sun.



Making your choice of removal guys

Its often best to choose removalists that specialise in interstate moves, or engage in backloading removals.

These companies are best suited to help you as they move people and businesses in volume, so you can be sure that they can cope with pretty much anything that is thrown at them.

They are normally far more competitive also, and know how important it is that they ensure that they quote on exactly what you are moving, as opposed to some removalist companies that tell you to just list the big items, or the price will be about $XXXX

Be wary of these guys, as I can assure you that come moving day, either the price will go up, or they will leave stuff behind as they did not book enough space for your move

Any company that says that they specialise in interstate moves, and cant get a quote back to you within 24 hours are not worth it, this normally means they don’t have the systems in place to ensure everything runs like clockwork.

Think about it, if they can get a quote back to you nice and quick then what happens if something out of the ordinary happens?


Offer a complete interstate packing service

Whilst a full packing service is not for everyone, its good to know that the company you choose to help you move, at least offers this type of service, so if you need advice or moving tips of any type then you know who to turn to.

A full “pre-pack’ is not often necessary if you pack sensibly and the right materials

You may want the removalists to only pack your breakables, which is quite a good idea.

If you opt to pack yourself, which is not that difficult, though its not exactly fun, I cannot emphasize how important it is to use the correct boxes.

When an interstate removalist tells you that you need to buy removal cartons and book boxes I can unequivocally assure you that they are not trying to con you, and get a few extra dollars out of you for you move.

I would say that using industry approved boxes, tape and cartons is the singular most important thing you can do to ensure a safe and stress free relocation.

I have lost count of the amount of times that people who use supermarket boxes complain that there boxes are squashed, or some plates that they packed in that plastic tub are broken, because the tub cracked.

I will say this only one more time

correct removals boxes
Dont skimp on using the correct boxes


 Moving Insurance

Along with picking the right company to help you move, its also extremely important to check out your insurance options

Some interstate removalists can offer you either an insurance quote or can provide you with a transit protection cover, its imperative that you look into all options

Remember, you do not necessarily need to take the option offered by your removalist, you can always obtain this independently.

This is equally important as using the correct boxes, so I am afraid its time to shout at you again.



 Popular Interstate Removalists Routes

As mentioned before its often best to choose removalist that specialises in interstate moves.

Some of the most popular routes, and to be honest the routes that any decent interstate removalist should cover are below, and the better companies should be able….

To get you from Sydney to:

To get you from Brisbane to:

To get you from Melbourne to:

To get you from Canberra to:

  • Brisbane (and Gold/Sunshine Coast)
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Adelaide
  • Cairns
  • Perth

To get you from Adelaide to:

  • Brisbane (and Gold/Sunshine Coast)
  • Melbourne
  • Canberra
  • Cairns
  • Sydney
  • Perth

To get you from Cairns to:

They should also be able to assist with inter state moves to and from

  • Townsville
  • Rockhampton
  • Tasmania
  • Wollongong
  • Geelong

Are you ready to choose the best removalists yet?


Below is the most important parts of what you need to check to ensure a great interstate move

  • Can your interstate removalists help you move anywhere across Australia.
  • Can they help you move any day, any time, and at very short notice.
  • Are they competitive and affordable prices – what they quote is the price you pay.
  • Do they have the highest level of customer service – regardless if your moving two items or a family home.
  • Ability to move you anywhere, interstate removal or local removal, across Australia.
  • Have short notice  collection times for all major cities.
  • Numerous regional trucks a week.
  • Trustworthy, quality service provider operating for at least 15 years


I hope this helps you in choosing the best removalist for your next interstate move, my choice is obvious but I like to think that this has helped you in the decision making