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Whether it’s for work or a life change, moving is stressful. Moving Again is your specialist interstate movers, having helped hundreds move from Sydney, NSW to Brisbane, QLD.

With over 15 years of experience, we are the trusted furniture backloading removalists from Sydney to Brisbane. We ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible with our professional quality service, and our competitive prices make us an affordable choice too.

You’ll relax after you see our quote or just talk to our friendly team by calling 07 5607 6014 today.

The Moving Again difference:

  • You only pay for the service you need (that’s from Sydney to Brisbane and not back again)
  • We have local operations in Sydney,, so we’re even able to cater for short notice bookings.
  • Your belongings can arrive within 1 – 2 days or choose an alternative time that suits you.
  • Cover any accidental damage with our additional transit protection
  • Don’t want to drive? We can organise professional interstate car transport too.
  • You’ll receive great value for money with our competitive pricing and quality service.


Book your interstate removalists from Sydney to Brisbane with Moving Again today and take some of the pressure off your relocation. Our interstate removalists in Sydney can help you with more than just moving to Brisbane, with destinations including the Gold Coast, Cairns, Townsville and regional Queensland.

We cover this route with trucks, that can drop off and pick up on the way, so if you are moving to any town or city between Sydney and Brisbane, then we can help no problem.

The most popular route for backloading Sydney to Brisbane is by far the Pacific Highway, but very often there are times when the trucks go via The New England, and if you are moving to anywhere on the New England then we can help.

All quotes for our backloading service are done online, they are obligation-free and simple to complete, so if you would like a quote, please follow this link


We can also assist with containerised moves between Sydney and Brisbane, so if your preference is for your furniture to go via rail over the road, we can help with this too.

Backloads in a container

If you prefer your move to go via the National Rail system, then just let us know, and we can arrange this also

Backloading Brisbane to Sydney

As there is a huge demand for the Northbound services, this also provides a cheaper backload service from Brisbane to Sydney.

This again is covered by removalist trucks and container moves; if you need something picked up along the way then we can help with this also

Excellent Backloading rates apply with the same reliable, careful service as with our local moves.

If you would like a quote on our backloading service or if you want to look at having a few items moved from Sydney to Brisbane, please grab a free quote now


On the run from Sydney to Brisbane, especially, it is almost certain that the removalist that collects your furniture in Sydney is the same one who delivers in Brisbane.

This does not apply to container moves.

At Moving Again Furniture Removals, your Interstate Removals is our priority, and it is here you will find everything you need and more.
We can facilitate any interstate furniture removals or Backloading requirements you may have, be it from one side of Australia to the other or across the road.
Not only do we provide quality interstate removals services, but we also have a can-do attitude with the knowledge, experience and capability to back it up!

While this may be one the most popular routes, it is certainly not the only places we cover.

Moving Brisbane to Sydney

While we pride ourselves on the speed and efficiency of our furniture removal teams, I had to stop myself laughing one day when talking with a prospective customer.

The lady called our office and was discussing a removal quote that we had provided for her upcoming move to Sydney, from Brisbane.

The conversation was going along nicely until we discussed how long her move would take.

The customer had requested uplift to be in the early on a Monday morning, which we had agreed on, and then when she was told delivery would be either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning she almost choked.

“But where will I sleep on Monday night” she asked.

She then proceeded to tell me that her husband could drive from South Brisbane to Sydney in 10 hours so therefore wanted to know why our removalists couldn’t do the same??

I did try to explain that our guys would have to load her furniture and belongings onto the truck, about 4 to 5 hours work, and then would start to drive. However the removalists are human, and also have to adhere to very strict work times, and by law have to rest at least 12 hours in every 24.

Unfortunately, this didn’t appear to concern this lady, who then continued to labour the fact that she wouldn’t have anywhere to sleep that night, and it simply wasn’t good enough that we wouldn’t deliver her furniture the same day that we picked it up.

As you can imagine the lady did not book her removal with us, I suppose I could have told her yes it would be there late the same day and then on the day of her removal given her the bad news. Still, at the end of the day, I would prefer to tell someone the truth, as unreasonable as it may sound to them than to lie and have a very disgruntled customer.

As an ex removalist I know I believe are reasonable travel times, and do not expect any driver, or customer for that matter to do anything that will endanger themselves or others.